Top G Signed and Graded Marna Cover

A rare and coveted Marna Cover signed by the Top G and graded by CGC. Limited to 20 copies.






In the continuing origin series of Top G, Tate finds himself thrust into a perilous situation when he receives a mysterious invitation to an island for a fight tournament. What appears to be a customary competition soon unravels into something far more sinister and obscured.

Set on the infamous Skull Island, where shadows hold secrets and peril lurks behind every corner, Tate’s courage and determination are put to the ultimate test. The stakes skyrocket as he faces off against opponents of unparalleled strength and skill, each driven by a hidden agenda. With every bout, the line between victory and the unknown, blurs, transforming Tate’s journey into a heart-pounding struggle for supremacy.

As Tate navigates this treacherous competition, his Wudan spirit and indomitable will become his most potent weapons. Danger is ever-present, and alliances shift like shifting sands, forcing him to adapt, evolve, and draw upon his training, values, and instincts to stay one step ahead.

The Tournament on Skull Island transcends mere physical prowess; it’s a contest of wills, a battleground for wits, and a challenge to the very essence of one’s character.
Tate’s journey has never been more thrilling, more dangerous, or more critical as he inches closer to his transformation into the legendary Top G.

A SNEAK PEEK of the action…

Prepare yourself for Top G: Fight Island. The limited second edition, second comic in the Top G series.

An all-time collectible laced with some of my most vital and powerful life stories.

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