Top G #3.1

Parallel Protocols

The Collectors Edition 
With this limited edition book, one owner will be selected to recieve a golden ticket entitling them to a once in a lifetime all inclusive weekend in Bucharest. Flights, hotel, spending money and most importantly a meeting with Tate himself. Will it be you?






They want to erase every trace of him. End the symbol of hope he represents and progressively destroy all development to enslave everyone forever.

In the tumult of an international pandemic, amidst a storm of sinister accusations, Top G stands by the Talisman against the forces of darkness.

As they strive to erase every trace of hope, Top G’s resilience is tested more than ever. Join us in a noir gothic thriller of unparalleled stakes, where the very essence of heroism and truth is put to the test.

Prepare to be captivated by a mythic tale that will challenge your perceptions and leave you questioning your own eyes. An immersive journey into the mind of Top G as he battles darkness whilst his wrestling with sanity.

Do you believe everything you see? Can you trust your own eyes?

Welcome to Top G 3.1.

A SNEAK PEEK of the action…

Top G 3.1: Parallel Protocols
Are you ready to challenge reality?